Lean Management

Lean – the most influential management philosophy of recent years is more relevant than ever before.

Many companies have had very positive experiences with the application of lean methods. In both the operational and administrative areas, major and continuous improvements are possible in productivity, throughput time and quality.

Sustainable success is achieved not only by those companies that select and implement individual tools from the “Lean Method Kit”, but also by those that have consistently aligned their structures, processes, methods and their management and leadership behavior to Lean. Use these ideas to secure the future of your company.

After a brief assessment of the situation of your company, we develop a tailor-made lean concept together with you, which we work out with an internal project team and coordinate with the management.

We take care of the implementation of the concept as a companion for the internal project teams and the internal lean coaches, employees and managers.

We have over 25 years of experience with Lean and Change Management in various industries (automotive, mechanical engineering, energy, chemical and pharmaceutical).

We offer competent consulting and support by interdisciplinary teams throughout the entire change process, from analysis, concept development, information and training, coaching and sparring to evaluation.

„Accept what is useful. Leave out what is useless. And add what is your own.“ – Bruce Lee

An example of our reference projects in the area of Lean Operations in the pharmaceutical industry:

At a production site of a large pharmaceutical company, we supported the management from concept development to the successful implementation of a site-specific lean production system with the elements value stream-oriented organization, teamwork, continuous improvement process and shop floor management. We have accompanied managers and employees through the change process with the help of training and coaching. The special challenge of a production site of a large pharmaceutical company was to completely realign the organization and the role of the executives – in the future it should no longer be primarily about being the “best expert”, but to focus on the leadership of the employees and the production process. Significant successes were achieved, among other things, by significantly shortening lead times and adherence to delivery dates for production orders.

Another example in the area of Lean Administration from the financial sector:

The company had positive experiences with Lean in operational areas and wanted to transfer this to administrative areas as well. An internal project team had already been set up for this purpose. Our service consisted in supporting this team in the development of the concept for the Lean Administration as well as in the Change Management. Responsibility for implementation remained with the internal project team. The result was the successful anchoring of the lean concept among managers and a significant increase in productivity in business processes. In particular, the development of measurable visualized goals led to a significantly better alignment and motivation of all employees to their contribution to the company goal.

Why has the penetration not yet succeeded in all companies? Lean is first and foremost a change in the behaviour patterns of all employees and managers­­ – and it is well known that one’s own change is the most difficult. But the effort is worth it! We are happy to support you.