Effective and sustainable change management

Cost pressure, changing customer requirements and the digital age present companies with major challenges. Do you want to secure the future viability and competitiveness of your company against this background? Do you want changes but not to damage the roots of the company? Would you like to find the optimal path between tradition and modernity, between efficiency and strengthening innovation?

Change projects today are more diverse and fundamental than ever: structures, strategies, visions are put to the test. Qualifications, corporate and leadership culture need to be rethought. A strategic reorientation can mean new partnerships, outsourcing and growth or opening up new business fields. Or is it about optimizing business processes, reorganization, lean transformation, agile organizational forms and working methods?

It is good to have an experienced partner at your side for far-reaching change processes.

“We can warm up to the old stories, but our eyes must look to the future.” – Horst Schiermann

In more than 20 years we have accompanied many successful changes and developed a special expertise in dealing with the human factor. People decide on the success of innovations or changes in their company. We accompany people in changing their mindsets and their practical behaviour and working methods. In order to make people active players in a change, it depends on it,

  • to communicate the why of a change clearly and comprehensibly,
  • to support role models in the organization,
  • align systems, tools and structures accordingly,
  • to ensure the skills and qualifications required in the future.

We make a conscious distinction according to the degree of complexity of your change. If possible, we reduce this and help you to make effective use of the change dynamics.

To this end, we access our Change Toolbox and exploit the full potential of the models and concepts, from Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, Claes F. Janssen and John P. Kotter to systemic approaches based on positive psychology and, of course, agile methods.

We accompany you through all phases of the change, because our goal is to take people along with us during cultural and structural changes.

You can expect new, creative approaches from us. At the same time, we have the necessary process knowledge to systematically implement complex changes.

Our coaches & consultants quickly understand the requirements your organization faces with regard to the need for change and translate them into suitable measures. With warmth of heart, clarity and experience. (please have a look at our references).

Reorganization – Pharmaceutical industry

Operationsunit with the goal of creating “powerful, miniaturized production units” that are aligned with the value stream and lean philosophy. Accompaniment of the core management team in change, support of the organisational development of the newly created “Focused Factories”.

Dealing with resistance in global change – Medical technology

Bring together executives from 17 nations of a global business unit in a moderated annual conference and systematically motivate them to be more open and to exchange ideas. Objective: To clarify reasons for resistance in ongoing global change and to derive common fields of action. Sparring with the business unit management.

Process Optimization – Telecommunications

Advice on the realignment of personnel development for managers. Introduction of a leadership development program and structuring of the service portfolio.

In the end, the “human factor” determines the success of changes.
Our team of experts convinces and takes you and the people in your organisation emotionally and cognitively through the change process – from conception to implementation and evaluation.

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