Heike Weld

Literary scholar / philosopher M. A.
Coach & Consultant

International experience. Empathy. Sustainability.
Lives in New York.

Business experience

Since 2013: Consultant at Algar Rother Coaches & Consultants
1998-2013: Consultant at Rother & Partner
1993-1997: Trainer for social and communication skills
  • Research Associate,  Department of Cultural Management (Fern Universitaet Hagen)
  • Mentor, Department of Philosophy

Education & qualification

  • German Literature and Philosophy, M. A.
  • Human resource development, D.A.A.
  • Systems and family therapist, Institute for Family Therapy, Weinheim
  • Gestalt therapeutic  counselor
  • Systemic solution-oriented coach, NIK Consulting, Berlin
  • Life and career coach, New York University
  • Feldenkrais practitioner, Feldenkrais Institute New York
  • Licensed in personality typologies
  • Training in dance therapy, meditation, and focusing

Consulting & training focus

  • Coaching (executives, peer groups and teams)
  • Cross-Cultural and Transition Coaching for expatriates and international returnees
  • Change processes
  • Leadership development
  • Team Building and -Development
  • Feedback and conflict resolution workshops
  • Training of internal consultants

Extract of reference customers