We encourage high-performance teams

Algar Rother Coaches and Consultants are experts in developing teams in companies. We want to work together effectively, want to delight customers and colleagues, and want to help them achieve their business goals. There can be many reasons for team development.
For example:

  • A new team composition
  • Merger of companies/areas/teams
  • Different kinds of conflicts
  • Improved integration of team members/virtual teams
  • New projects/new executives
  • Increase performance
  • New or different tasks
  • Structural change processes
  • To get to know each other better
  • Optimize cooperation/define roles
  • Events, fun
  • Using synergies
  • Special changes

Team development in top management: we create the best conditions for dialogue capability and great cooperation in development workshops for company management teams, where they create the base for change processes.

Your benefit

Individual approach
We design individual team development arrangements, depending on the group’s goals.

Practical relevance
Our exercises and simulations are appropriate and applicable to every situation.

Concrete results
Our team development workshops end with an agreement of concrete measures. Steps for implementation and control are designed within the workshop.

Promote changes
As part of an integrated change concept, team development measures create a cross-functional understanding, generate optimism and provide unusual solutions for problems in the implementation.

Use diversity
Differences in teams don’t have to lead to destructive conflicts but can be a valuable source of synergies and innovations. We help you to discover them.

How we work

Experiential exercises help teams to recognize their own patterns of behavior.

Orientation of strength
We look at differences between employees without rating them into ‘good’ or ‘bad’ categories.

Team development workshops are made up of different aspects, alternating in method and content:

  • Input and reflection
  • Plenary and small group work
  • Slowness and speed
  • Seriousness and humor

We use personality profiles where necessary and select the appropriate models to use (for example, Team Management System (TMS), Motiv Struktur Analyse (MSA), Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), W.E.R.T.®-Profile, DISG, LIFO, Belbin).

Transfer and Sustainability
Our workshops always close with a conclusion, a look ahead and the agreeing of specific measures for the future.

Our facilitators

  • Create constructive conditions while developing your team
  • Make sure everybody can speak up
  • Offer an experience- as well as results-oriented program
  • Propose interactive team exercises which have the right distance from the work situation, focus on the developing principle/subject/problem, allow authentic behavior and provide the appropriate challenge
  • Allow the team to derive important insights for everyday work from the interactive exercises.


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