Accurate management training

Algar Rother Coaches and Consultants have more than 100 proven, often original, leadership training formats for each target group. This way we can tailor our development activities individually and precisely to their needs. Our training sessions ensure that managers achieve their business goals.

We have successfully completed numerous change projects and have a wealth of experience to help implement change for your company and management values.

Your benefit

Effective leaders
Your managers will learn how to achieve their business goals more effectivelyand build a team of highly motivated employees.

Connection with change and OD
Your managers will develop a cross-functional understanding of the necessity and direction of change.You will be actively involved in the specification, and can convince and inspire employees.

Systematic feedback processes can make possible a huge increase in performance.

How we work

Participant orientation
We involve leaders in the development of interactive content. Our training sessions find the right balance between the individual, the subject and the group. Resistors are made productive: we work with, not against, resistance.

Expert approach
Participants bring with them their own skills and behaviors. We work on how to expand these behaviors, ways of strengths and resources – not on the deficits. Learning from others produces unexpected synergies.

We strengthen the responsibility of leaders and encourage them to take hold of their own development.

„Walk your talk“
Our learning content reflects our personal approach to our work. Our approach is congruent, credible and transparent.

Practical orientation
After the input phases, we immediately put our gained knowledge into practice with exercises, simulations and practice checks.

Our leadership offerings (examples)

  • Value based leadership
  • Becoming a manager
  • Induction of new managers
  • Leading during change processes
  • Leading in the matrix
  • Leading executives
  • Conflict training
  • Women in leadership positions
  • Influencing skills
  • Leading virtual teams


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