Dr. Andrea Thürmer-Leung

Social Scientist / Pedagogue
Coach & Consultant

Knowledge with heart and enthusiasm.

Business experience

Since 2013: Consultant and Trainer at Algar Rother Coaches & Consultants
Since 2008: Business owner and trainer in Germany
  •  5 years in the hospitality business in Germany, South Africa and USA
  • 20 years management experience in Hong Kong, China, responsible for education, curriculum development, human resources development, quality control, negotiations and project management with chinese business partners
  • Principal instructor, lecturer and trainer

Education & qualification

  • Postgraduate certificate in education (adult education and English) at the Hong Kong University
  • Master in training, University of Leicester, UK
  • Doctorate in social science (China Business), University of Leicester, UK

Consulting & training focus

  • Intercultural communication and training
  • Lectures, seminars and coach for China business
  • Negotiation and strategies in the China business

Professional experience in the folllowing sectors

  • Suppliers of automotive transport and construction
  • Mechanical engineering industry
  • Suppliers of jewelry and electronics industries
  • Houshold applieances and products
  • textile industry
  • Hotel and catering industry
  • Technical colleges and chambers of commerce


  • Dragon Business: How the traditional concept of ‚guanxi‘ works in modern day China (Doctorate thesis in the British Library)
  • Business süß-sauer. Business Etikette für Deutsche und Chinesen (2014)