Change & Lean

Successful and sustainable change management

Successful managers and companies are constantly able to change. They recognize new possibilities and the necessity for change, and they implement it quickly.

Change management: our approach for successful and sustainable change.

Connect what and how to. Behavior and structural changes must engage systematically with each other.

For almost 20 years we have supported major successful change processes in many well-known companies (please take a look at our references). We quickly understand our customers’ business requirements during the change process and convert them into appropriate action.

Years of experience have shown us that, in the end, the issue of “people” determines the success of change. We are experts in convincing people in organizations about changes emotionally and cognitively, and then taking them with us.

Change management for us also means connecting the two crucial aspects of change – change of people and change of structures and strategies (see Figure: Our approach for successful and sustainable change). By establishing these connections, we change cultures as well.

Change management includes many different disciplines and requires a variety of skills and practical experience. Here is a sample of our offers and aspects:

Our executive coaching helps you safely through complex change processes, while we act as a sparring partner.

Close integration of organizational development and staff development
Targeted staff development makes organizational development more sustainable – especially leadership development. Change starts in our minds.

The success of any change is based on open, authentic communication. Transparency is an essential thing. We make sure everyone is informed accurately.

Innovation and systematics
You can expect new, creative approaches from us.

Cultural change
Our W.E.R.T.®-Model has proven to be a great catalyst for cultural change in leading businesses. It not only provides top managers and teams with interesting insights but also is a value map for concrete work with your corporate values.

We have successful, people-centred change processes and accompany you from the initial concept all the way through implementation to evaluation.

Lean Management und Lean Production

Lean – the most influential management philosophy of the past 25 years is still current.

Lean mainly means changing the behavior of all employees and managers. To allow this change to happen the systems and the business environment are of particular importance. In practice particular methods and tools for an everyday use in companies have been established. Follow the link for information about Lean in an article from our consultant Markus Kottler on our consulting platform


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