Think new – work new – live new – this is exactly where we start with the White Table Solution method. Together with Andreas Schneider you can build your disruptive future ideas together, from vision and strategy development to design thinking in agile space.

Lectureship Algar Rother and Sigrun Oertel at the Faculty of Media and Educational Management at the Pädagogische Hochschule Weingarten,
Prof. Dr. Henninger.

You can experience Matthias Graf and Algar Rother together in the presentation “erotic of change”.
He is able to express words and emotions through his music in an extraordinary way.

Sabine Soeder is organization developer who works with drawings. To visualize words and ideas in symbols and pictures is her expertise. Our colleague and valued partner for co-moderations of major events, teamworkshops or your very special individual presentation-charts.

Teambuilding and single coaching in a different way: In cooperation with Andreas Schneider and his team BOW-life – intuitive archery, at a beautiful castle in fantastic location.

Dr. Christina Zech, Worldsalon founder and initiator of global Salon-Events. We support her big concerns connecting worlds without reservations.